Best Chrome Apps

11/24 to 11/26, 1,000 to 10,000 Users

Top 5 Apps


#1 Desktop Tower Defense

133% Growth

Defend your base and shoot down air and ground targets.

1,954 Users

#2 Card Board - New Tab Page

115% Growth

A better New Tab Page with sleek google design and useful features

3,824 Users

#3 Webflow - Website Builder

112% Growth

Webflow is a drag-and-drop website builder for creating professional responsive websites without code.

2,447 Users

#4 FunBlocker

111% Growth

FunBlocker removes posts based in post links, it is really useful to remove Facebook reshares from pages you do not want to follow.

1,033 Users

#5 TMNT Shell Shocked

111% Growth

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are facing an formidable enemy invasion. Enter the game to join their fight.

1,073 Users

Best Chrome Apps

11/24 to 11/26, 10,000 to 50,000 Users

Top 5 Apps


#1 Chrome Toolbox (by Google)

109% Growth

A quick access tool that allows you to put your favorite browser commands in one drop down menu, save unsubmitted form data,

42,660 Users

#2 Christmas Day Countdown

108% Growth

Minimalistic and beautiful Christmas countdown.........

14,501 Users

#3 Chef

106% Growth

A community for chefs to create and share recipes.

12,027 Users

#4 Dream Afar New Tab

105% Growth

An unexpected trip everyday by simply opening a new tab

36,876 Users

#5 SKN SSL Enforcer

104% Growth

Force secure browsing with HTTPS.......................

12,743 Users

Best Chrome Apps

11/24 to 11/26, 50,000 to 1,000,000 Users

Top 5 Apps


#1 Highlight to Search

112% Growth

Highlight to Search allows you search keywords by highlighting instead of typing them into a search box.

537,839 Users

#2 ShowIp

107% Growth

Show IPv4 & IPv6 addresses of the current webpage without doing external requests to a home server.

74,441 Users

#3 Open Tweet Filter

106% Growth

Filter tweets in Twitter web site......................

124,612 Users

#4 Kingdom Rush Frontiers

104% Growth

Defend your Kingdom against the forces of evil in this awesome sequel of the epic tower defense game!

71,150 Users

#5 Google Cast (Beta)

104% Growth

Send content to your Chromecast and other devices that support Google Cast.

185,410 Users

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