Best Chrome Apps

10/28 to 10/29, 1,000 to 10,000 Users

Top 5 Apps


#1 Toggle JavaScript

116% Growth

Enable or disable JavaScript without the hassle........

1,832 Users

#2 smartUp

107% Growth

A new gestures extension. Features include: mouse gestures, simple drag, super drag, etc.

2,008 Users

#3 MetisMe Attachments Management System

107% Growth

MetisMe helps you manage your Gmail attachments and inbox with super ease and efficiency

2,760 Users

#4 Quick Search

107% Growth is an inspiring and exciting home search partner, providing a helping hand during the often stressful homebuying process.

1,613 Users

#5 Loan Calculator

106% Growth

A convenient tool to calculate loan term, monthly payment, interest vs priciple, and compare two loans.

1,534 Users

Best Chrome Apps

10/28 to 10/29, 10,000 to 50,000 Users

Top 5 Apps


#1 Color My Twitter

113% Growth

Choose your own color for your Twitter pages and get a colorful social life!

27,970 Users

#2 Save image & link to Dropbox & Google Drive

106% Growth

Ballloon - Save webfiles (image, link) directly to clouds (Google Drive, Dropbox). beta 1.4.5

13,692 Users

#3 Imagine Learning

106% Growth

Imagine Learning is designed to complementthe Imagine Learning Desktop experience for both teachers and students.

10,738 Users

#4 Jailbreak the Patriarchy

105% Growth

Genderswaps your view of the web.......................

14,478 Users

#5 Extrabux

105% Growth

Extrabux - Cash Back & Coupons.........................

10,469 Users

Best Chrome Apps

10/28 to 10/29, 50,000 to 1,000,000 Users

Top 5 Apps


#1 Solitaire

105% Growth

Solitaire is a free collection that allows you to play 9 challenge Solitaire Games.

374,447 Users

#2 Caret

104% Growth

Professional text editing for Chrome and Chrome OS

94,081 Users

#3 Booktrack Studio

104% Growth

A movie-style soundtrack for any story: Booktrack is a must-have for readers and writers alike.

108,691 Users

#4 Awesome New Tab Page

104% Growth

Enhance your New Tab Page with ultimate customizability and power. Awesome, like you. [ANTP]

358,361 Users

#5 Screencastify (Screen Video Recorder)

103% Growth

Screencastify is a simple video screen capture software for Chrome.

111,509 Users

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